Keir Keightley, Associate Professor, Faculty of Information & Media Studies UWO

Teaching and Research Interests

“I teach courses that critically examine a range of cultural phenomena and mass media, including: radio and television; debates about art, entertainment, and popular tastes; media constructions of masculinity; the culture of celebrity. I am particularly interested in film studies and popular music studies, and deal with Hollywood cinema and the music industries in a number of my courses. I have published articles on the culture of rock music, gender and sound reproduction technology, the segmentation of media audiences by age, and am currently completing a book for Duke University Press entitled Sinatra’s Capitol: Celebrity, Masculinity, and Taste, 1953-62. My next research project will examine issues of globalization and transculturation in the recording and tourism industries in the post-war years. A future book project will be a history of high fidelity audio, from magnetic tape to quadraphonic sound.”



One Response to “Keir Keightley, Associate Professor, Faculty of Information & Media Studies UWO”

  1. Matthew Janik Says:

    That future book project on high fidelity audio sounds very fascinating! I’ll have to keep my eye out for it, being an audiophile myself.

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